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      NANHUA About



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      Successful companies do not dabble industry due to numerous and winning,but because specialize in one area and stay ahead of other companies was able to succeed.

              xinhui instruments with the pace of reform and opening up, after 20 years of development, the South young people unremitting efforts, gave birth to the "dedication, innovation, honesty and dream" corporate culture.
      25 years of hard work to make people south of innovation, Nanjing chemical enterprises from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong cross century transformation.
      In 2020, a blueprint for the development of south again on the marked a new goal, have good professional quality and professionalism of the south, uninterrupted attention to carry forward the spirit; heavy starting, adhere to reform and innovation, I believe in the future, create the future with dreams, repeatedly climbed the peak, to the south the instrument develops into a professional enterprise with certain characteristics, firmly towards our goals, our skills and sense of responsibility to provide reasonable measurement solutions and customer service service for customers; for employees, shareholders and the community to create greater value.